Please find below a guide to all of the functionality in the app. If you are still unsure of anything then please contact us at

Also check the 'News' section for information on updates etc.

The Home Tab

When you first open the app you will be greated with a message saying 'Set The Due Date'.

Click this to be taken to a new screen where you can specify the due date, once happy with your date click the 'Go Back' button to be taken back to the home screen.

Once the date has been set the home screen will display your due date and the days remaining until it.

The Progress Tab

From The Progress tab you can select a Trimester and within it you can view specicifc information regarding a week of your pregnancy.

The Organiser Tab

The initial Organiser Screen has four options 'Appointments','To Do List','Hospital Bag' and 'Phone Numbers'.

Appointments :
This option will allow to add any appointments which you have coming up.
You can add the name of the person you are seeing, the place and any notes for the appointment such as time etc.

To Do List :
This option will allow to add items to your to do list.
You can click a to do list item to add a tick next to it (to show you it is complete).

Hospital Bag :
This option will allow to input items which you want to have in your hospital bag.
You can click an item to add a tick next to it (to show you it is in your bag ready).

Phone Numbers :
This option will allow to add phone numbers of people who you may need to contact regarding your pregnancy.
You can click a persons name to call them.

The Names Tab

This section of the app allows you to keep a list of boys and girls names whilst you are debating what to choose.
We have included 600 names to give you inspiration we have split these up into the top 200 anmes for 2009,2010 and 2011.

The Help Tab

The initial Help Screen has three options 'Pregnancy Tips','About The App' and 'Pregnancy FAQs'.

All of these options require you to have a valid network signal, as they request the information from the internet.

Pregnancy Tips :

The Tips option will load up a page with interesting Pregnancy tips.

About The App :

The About option will load up this screen, which contains information about all of the tabs in the app.

Pregnancy FAQs :

The FAQ option will load up a page with a selection of frequently asked questions regarding pregnancy.